A developer-friendly, collaborative writing app
for flexible, distraction free writing

Collaborative documents

Write your latest garden journal entry, or create a new blog entry for your website.

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and more...

  • Export your content and assets easily
  • Responsive - Mobile, tablet, and desktop
  • Personal and team-wide projects
  • Native Mac, iPhone, and iPad app
  • Dark and light modes
  • Version publishing and unpublishing


Enable teams and start with 5 users. Add more users as needed.

  • Project teams

    Project teams

    Add teammates to projects and assign them specific roles.

  • Collaborate


    Work together in the same document with real-time updates.

Developers, hack away

Build applications and websites. Update documents through Siri shortcuts. Do custom content auditing by parsing the structured versions of your content. Do more with your documents.

  • REST API illustration

    Full REST API

    Fetch, update, and create new content. It’s your data!

  • API Access illustration

    Manage API access

    Create API tokens for any project. Consuming content? Create a read-only token. Adding a custom content integration? Create a token with write access.

  • API Access illustration

    Structured content

    Ever want to grab “just the headlines”, or “just the links” from a document? Our Content API provides a structured view of your document.

    We provide an easily consumable JSON data structure of your content, you choose how you want your content displayed. Or take the raw markdown, your choice!