The full list

Real-time Collaboration
See everyone in the current document, and which field they are currently editing.
Organize documents with fields
Text fields offer full markdown support, while other field types like images, files, and dates allow additional control and features.
Unlimited Projects
Each collection of documents is organized into a project. Grant access to team members and control API access per project. Create as many projects as you need.
Customizable access
Choose the people you need on your project. Grant them appropriate access roles (reader, contributor, admin)
Full API
Portway provides a complete API which allows full interaction with your content.
Structured text data
Markdown text can be consumed raw from the API, or you can use the pre-parsed structured text that turns text into a JSON structure for programmatic consumption.
Document outline
Name and reorder fields within your document in one efficient outline panel.
Inspired by notes apps
At its core, Portway is designed to be fast and simple. Create a document and start writing.
Project export
Need to move your content or want a project in plain text files? Download an archive of markdown files, with your custom fields as front-matter.
API keys
API access is controlled by project. Create a read-only key for your website project so a static site generator gets read access. Create writeable keys to add content to a Portway project.
Quickly find documents in a project using search.
Drag and drop import
Add content from outside sources by dragging it into a Portway project. It’s really that simple.
Notify other services when a Portway document is published. Trigger static site builds, post a document to Slack, or perform any other operation compatible with webhooks.
Global CDN
Any media you add to Portway is accessible via CDN, so you don’t need a separate asset hosting solution.
Security and Privacy
Your data belongs to you. We encrypt your data across the web and in our databases. We do not and will never sell your data, period. We minimize data sharing with third party services to those required to run and operate Portway. No one has access to your content except you and the Portway application.
Accessible on all devices
Portway works on your phone, tablet or computer.
Dark mode
Portway looks great whether you’re in dark or light mode.